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Welcome to Shank and Gank, this is our official website, we will soon be having Ventrillo servers. Although you're not required to have a microphone. You will be required to sign on Ventrillo. This is for Fortress Seige purposes, please take into consideration. Without proper communication we will faulter.
There is no level restrictions for Shank and Gank. We're a PVPVE Legion. We only require that you have fun and help your fellow legion members when they're in need. Feel free to ask any legion member questions concerning quest, Items, Character build or whatever. You will never learn if you don't ask right?
All members are required to register at the site. It will help maintain order. Only a selected few will gain promotions to Centurion when the general sees fit. So no begging please.  Just remember, have fun and we're always here to lend a helping hand.

Thank You,
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We're now live folks!

slowmikel, May 13, 10 2:56 AM.
We're now live with our website. Please if you have any suggestions, comments and ect. Be sure to include them on the forums.

Thank You,
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